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Poultry farms in Ohio:

fresh eggs,
pastured & free range chicken, turkey, duck,
also hatching eggs, farm visits

   Ohio farmers list your chicken, poultry, fresh eggs here!
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 Ohio zone city chicken / poultry / eggs & hatching chicks for sale other contact 
 Pioneer Farm N EOH Apple Creek free range eggs: Rhode Island Red, Barred Rock, Black Australorp, turkey   
 Cota Farms N EOH Cardington pastured chicken & Muscovy duck, hertiage chicken/duck/goose eggs, holiday hertiage turkey 419-768-2744 
 Hearthstone Berry Farm N EOH Nova pastured, heritage breed turkey (preorder, Nov-Dec) (15mi N off I-71 ex198)   
 The Spicy Lamb Farm N EOH Peninsula 
ducklings & chicks for sale
 Miller Farms Beef N EOH Rootstown pastured chicken & eggs   
 Sirna's Farm & Market clvOH Auburn Twp brown eggs (from our free range, naturally grown hens) & more (20mi E of Cleveland's I-480/I-271) 440-834-0696 
 Callimoor Heritage Bree.. clvOH Chagrin Falls naturally raised, free range roasting chickens & eggs (no added hormones/antibiotics), all yr 440-543-6152 
 Aloha Farms clvOH Medina free range chicken/eggs   
 Fair View Meadow Farm clvOH Wellington free-range pastured chicken/eggs   
 Crossroads Farm midOH Belmont naturally & pasture raised chickens (Jul-Oct), eggs, turkey (Nov)   
 Fox Hollow Farm midOH Fredericktown pastured chicken & eggs   
 Adams Greenhouse & Produce SWOH Covington free range chicken & fresh brown eggs, all yr (7mi off I-75 exit 82) 937-416-5533 
 u pick farms in OH  OH All over Ohio blueberries, raspberries, apples, veggies   
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