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Poultry farms in South Carolina:

fresh eggs,
pastured & free range chicken, turkey, duck,
also hatching eggs, farm visits

   South Carolina farmers list your chicken, poultry, fresh eggs here!
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 South Carolina zone city chicken / poultry / eggs & hatching chicks for sale other contact 
 Limestone Farms NWSC Greenville free-range pastured eggs (using all natural methods), Farmers' markets   
 Joyful Sounds Farm N ESC Duncan chicken/duck/quail eggs; chicks & hatching eggs: standard(6 var) & Bantam-size(6 var),duck/quail eggs   
 Sunny Cedars Farm midSC Sumter free range chicken(frozen) and farm fresh brown natural eggs 803-934-6072 
 Ovis Hill Farm Store midSC Timmonsville free-range chicken eggs   
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